Erving Otero-Chiclana, US Army

Me: How did you end up here (Hawaii)?

Erving Otero-Chiclana:  I was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Miami, FL.  I joined the Army about 5 years ago.  I’ve been here in Hawaii on TDY for about a year now.

Me: What are some things you love about serving in the Army?

Erving Otero-Chiclana: Being a paratrooper!  I’ve been on 3 tours to Afghanistan and hey, I got to jump out of a helicopter and right into the middle of the ocean!  Also, one of the best things about being in the Army is about knowing that we are able to make a change in the world.  No regrets there.

Me: The most beautiful place you’ve been to?

Erving Otero-Chiclana:  Next to Hawaii, it’s a tie between New Zealand and Thailand.

Me:  The most trouble you’ve been in?

Erving Otero-Chiclana:  I have to say it was when I was at Ft Bragg…part of being with the wrong crowd.

Me: What would you want your family to know about you?

Erving Otero-Chiclana:  Just for the impact I’ve made on my family and how important they are to me.  I hope they’ll know that anything and everything I’ve ever done was for them.  I just want them to be proud of me.



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